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Apr. 16.

Roll Bars and Show Cages are back in stock

Good news! Single Roll Bars and 4-Pt Show Roll Bar/Show Cages are back in stock.

New red Nostalgia Dune Buggy Body is in stock as well.

Check it out at our store.

roll bar single bar4 pt Roll Bar Show CageBerrien Dune Buggy 1

Apr. 25.

New Genesis 4-Seater Dune Buggy Body, Chassis & Side Pods – Now Available

The wait is over…
The new Genesis 4-Seater Dune Buggy Body, Chassis & Side Pods are now available.

The new Genesis Chassis and Bubble Side Pods are finally here.
If you wanted a 4-seater Dune Buggy that was not only roomy but cool looking then the Genesis is for you.
It comes in standard colors as well as brilliant metal flake.
Here are a couple of shots of the Genesis Body complete with side pods setting on the new Genesis Frame.
Genesis Red Metal Flake with Side Pods
Genesis Yellow with Side Pods 2
Genesis YellowGenesis Red Metal Flake Rear ViewGenesis Red Metal Flake

Mar. 07.

Carolina Dune Buggies booth at the Silver Dollar Showdown in Reynolds, GA Sunday March 9th

If you happen to be in the GA area Sunday stop by our Carolina Dune Buggies booth at the Silver Dollar Showdown in Reynolds, GA.
We will have a display of Fiberglass Dune Buggy Bodies, Chassis, Windshields, Rollbars, Sandrail Kits and other dune buggy related items.
Here are the details:

Held at Silver Dollar Raceway in Reynolds, Ga
track address 42 Raceway Dr., Reynolds, Ga 31076

Sunday March 9th
2 hours south of Atlanta
Gates open at 8am
Racing starts at 11am
Admission $15 (12 & under Free)

We have vendors, racers and show cars coming from all over the Southeast. So bring yourself and the Family out for a nice Sunday with your VW Friends!
Cruise-In planned for Saturday afternoon at the Steak n Shake in Warner Robins at 3pm.
Camping and pre-show setup will be available on Saturday evening.

 Schedule 3-9
8am – Gates open
9:00am Registration begins for show cars/Racers
10am Chapel Service
11am – Time Runs begin
12pm Show registration ends
12:30pm – Judging begins
2pm Eliminations
3:00 pm Show Awards
Kathy JacobsEvent website

Feb. 16.

Learn How To Build A Fiberglass Dune Buggy or Sandrail

If you what to build your own Fiberglass Dune Buggy or Sandrail but do not know exactly where to start then we are here to help.
Read our new article on how to get started building your own dune buggy or sandrail.
Click here: “How To Build A Fiberglass Dune Buggy or Sandrail”

Jan. 26.

Carolina Dune Buggies Master Dealership Announcement

Carolina Dune Buggies is now an Acme/Berrien Buggy Master Dealership. We now have in stock Fiberglass Buggies & Chassis as well as Sandrails & Sandrail Kits. Save money and build your own Sandrail with our new Warrior 2-Seater & Cruiser 4-Seater knockdown kits available now. We also have Buggy Windshields, 4pt Roll Bar Show Cages and a new Single Roll Bars in stock. Watch the Carolina Dune Buggies website “Store” page for all of the new items.

cruiser crusierlogo Warrior Sandrail HPIM0718 warrior warriorlogo

Nov. 28.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

Black Friday Cyber Monday Specials

Starts Friday @ 12:01AM Ends Monday 11:59P

Use Code BF2013 at checkout to receive $25 off
– Megajolt/E Programmable Ignition Control
– Programmable Distributorless Ignition System for VW Aircooled

Upgrade to Precision, High-Energy and Tunable Crank-Fired Ignition!
Get rid of your distributor and all of its problems…

* No more points, rotor cap or rotor
* No more VW 009 lag in power
* Stop misfiring and back firing problems
* No more hard cranking
* Program for economy and power


Black Friday Cyber Monday CDB

Oct. 16.

Carolina Dune Buggies Becomes An Autosports Labs Distributor

Carolina Dune Buggies is now a dealer for Autosports Labs products.Autosports Labs manufacture automotive electronics for data acquisition and programmable ignition controls.

446px-RaceCapture_RevF_3quarterThe Race Capture/Pro data acquisition module is a powerful, multi-channel data acquisition and control system for motorsport applications. While the primary application of RaceCapture/Pro is focused towards race car data acquisition, its powerful processor combined with a wealth of inputs and outputs also makes RaceCapture/Pro a general purpose automotive computer, one capable of handling many different tasks – limited only by your imagination. If the question is “Can RaceCapture do …?” the answer will likely be ‘Yes’ and often with little to no external hardware support necessary.


300px-MegajoltE_mapThe Megajolt/E programmable ignition control module is a fully programmable, stand-alone ignition controller designed to control a Ford EDIS 4, 6 or 8 crank-fired ignition module. The result is a precision, digitally controlled distributor-less ignition system. The Megajolt/E is an ideal ignition solution for carburated engines; it can also work in conjunction with compatible EFI systems.

Sep. 07.

Carolina Dune Buggies has became a Berrien Buggy Dealer

It’s official Carolina Dune Buggies has became a Berrien Buggy Dealer.
We just received a shipment of Nostalgia Dune Buggy Bodies & Chassis, Bubble Side Pods, Windshields and Roll Bars and plan to keep them in stock.
Give us a call for your Dune Buggy project…

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