Oct. 16.

Carolina Dune Buggies Becomes An Autosports Labs Distributor

Carolina Dune Buggies is now a dealer for Autosports Labs products.Autosports Labs manufacture automotive electronics for data acquisition and programmable ignition controls.

446px-RaceCapture_RevF_3quarterThe Race Capture/Pro data acquisition module is a powerful, multi-channel data acquisition and control system for motorsport applications. While the primary application of RaceCapture/Pro is focused towards race car data acquisition, its powerful processor combined with a wealth of inputs and outputs also makes RaceCapture/Pro a general purpose automotive computer, one capable of handling many different tasks – limited only by your imagination. If the question is “Can RaceCapture do …?” the answer will likely be ‘Yes’ and often with little to no external hardware support necessary.


300px-MegajoltE_mapThe Megajolt/E programmable ignition control module is a fully programmable, stand-alone ignition controller designed to control a Ford EDIS 4, 6 or 8 crank-fired ignition module. The result is a precision, digitally controlled distributor-less ignition system. The Megajolt/E is an ideal ignition solution for carburated engines; it can also work in conjunction with compatible EFI systems.

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