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The most frequently asked question, after our purchase of Berrien Buggy, was, ” are you going to offer a 4 seat body?”  Our answer was “yes, as soon as we can.”  It took us about 10 months, but here it is, the GENESIS ! Styled after our classis Nostalgia, the new 4 seat GENESIS body is great for family fun or a ride with friends.  Using a stock VW Beetle, 94 1/2″ wheelbase, the GENESIS requires no shortening of the chassis, making the build much less complicated.  It does require the use of a re enforcing kit, mounted between the frame and body.  The purpose of this kit is to give the necessary strength needed because of the longer wheelbase.

Better yet, purchase our new GENESIS FRAME.  This frame is designed specifically for our GENESIS body.  The GENESIS FRAME is jig built, using new steel, with a fiberglass floor pan.  Patterned after our Nostalgia frame, the GENESIS FRAME uses 2″X3″X 1/8″ mild steel tubing for the main frame rails, instead of the 2″X2″ tubing of the Nostalgia Frame.  By increasing the tubing size we have added the necessary strength the longer wheelbase requires.  The GENESIS FRAME is designed to use standard VW Beetle components.


GENESIS BODY:  METAL FLAKE COLORS, C058-BB319  (specify color)

There are a variety of options available for the GENESIS body.  Check out the options page for more info.

Carolina Dune Buggies offers everything you need to build a complete buggy. Check our store to view available choices.

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